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History of the Basotho
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The Orange Free State
Seqiti War and British Annexation
Resumption of Direct Rule
Politics of Independence
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Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho

2511 Massachusetts
Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC, 20008

Tel.: 1-202-797-5533
Fax 1-202-234-6815

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  ABOUT LESOTHO - The Orange Free State

The Orange Free State

The expense of maintaining the Orange River Sovereignty proved too much for the British Government in London, and in 1854 the British withdrew from Bloemfontein, handing over responsibility to the newly proclaimed Orange Free State Republic of the Boers.

At first relations with Lesotho were cordial and at one point Moshoeshoe himself was a guest in Bloemfontein, but this did not last for long. The boundaries left undefined at the time of the British withdrawal soon led to armed conflict in Senekal's War of 1858. The result on the Basotho side was loss of life and destruction of mission stations, while the Orange Free State troops lost heavily in an ambush near Thabana-Morena, in what is now the Mafeteng District.


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