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The Sacretary of State presents his compliments to Their Exellencies and Messicurs and Mesdames the Chief of Mission and has the honor to inform them that the offices of the U.S. government will be closed on the following dates in 2019 in observance of the indicated holidays: here

Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho

2511 Massachusetts
Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC, 20008

Tel.: 1-202-797-5533
Fax 1-202-234-6815

Detailed Contacts

Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho

2511 Massachusetts, N.W.
Washington, DC. 20008

Tel.: 1-202-797-5533
Fax: 1-202-234-6815
E-mail: lesothoembassy@verizon.net

  Honorary Consuls

Judge Morris W. Reed
Honorary Consul General
4 Grand Teton Court
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70131

Tel: 1-504-822-2825 Or 1-504-822-2825
Fax: 1-504-392-1546

Mrs. Bertha Means
Honorary Consul General
7400 Valburn DR.
Austin, TX, 78731

Tel: 1-512-345-0747
Fax: 1-512-345-6422
  Lesotho Embassy in USA

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